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ئێكه‌مين په‌رتووكخانه‌يا ڤه‌كرى ل فه‌كۆلتيا زانستێن مرۆڤايه‌تى هاته‌ ڤه‌كرن
ل ڕۆژا سێشه‌مبێ ڕێكه‌ڤتى (28/11/2017) لده‌مژمێر (11:00) سپێدێ، ل فه‌كۆلتیا زانستێن مرۆڤایه‌تى ئێكه‌مین په‌رتووكخانه‌یا ڤه‌كرى لژێر چاڤدێریا به‌رێز پرۆفیسۆرێ هاریكار دكتۆر (له‌زگین عه‌بدى جه‌میل) سه‌رۆكێ زانكۆیا زاخۆ هاته‌ ڤه‌كرن، په‌رتووكخانه‌ لژێر دوریشمێ (بخوینه‌، هزرا خوه‌ ب ئازرینه‌، بۆچوونێن لۆژیكى ب ئافرینه‌) ب ئاماده‌بوونا ڕاگرێن كۆلیژ و فه‌كۆلتیان و مامۆستا و قۆتابیێن زانكۆیێ هاته‌ نيشاندان. د ده‌مێ ڤه‌كرنا په‌رتووكخانه‌یێدا چه‌ندین په‌رتووك ژ ئالیێ مامۆستا و قۆتابییان بۆ په‌رتووكخانه‌یا فه‌كۆلتیێ هاتنه‌ پێشكێشكرن، ئه‌ڤ په‌رتووكخانه‌یه‌ ب مه‌ره‌ما ئه‌وێ چه‌ندێ هاتییه‌ ڤه‌كرن كو ده‌ما قۆتابى ژ وانه‌یێن خۆ ده‌ربكه‌ڤن ئێكسه‌ر په‌رتووكخانه‌یێ ببینن و په‌رتووكێن پێدڤى بده‌ستخۆڤه‌ بینن، فه‌ره‌ بێژین كو د په‌رتووكخانه‌یێدا په‌رتووكێن گشتى و ب زمان جوداجودا هه‌نه‌. لدوماهیيێ گرنگه‌ بێژین كو نابیت قۆتابى ب هیچ ڕه‌نگه‌كێ په‌رتووكان ژ فه‌كۆلتیێ ده‌ربئێخن، به‌لكو بتنێ دشێن دناڤ ئاڤاهيیێ فه‌كۆلتیێدا بخوینن و پاشان ل جهێ ده‌ستنیشانكرى بدانن.
A Book Fair is opened at the University of Zakho
On Monday, November 27, 2017, at 10:00 am, with the presence of the Deans of Colleges and Faculties, lecturers and students, a book fair was opened under the auspices of president of the University of Zakho. It is worth to be mentioned that this book fair is organized by "Dar Alselam" for publishing
Opening a Book Fair in the University of Zakho
On Monday, the 12th of December, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. the University of Zakho, in collaboration with Dar Al-Zaman Institution, opened a book fair in the presence of Assist. Prof. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jameel, president of the university, Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasin Taha Moustafa, vice president for the scientific affairs and postgraduate studies, Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Wahab Khalid Mosa, vice president for students’ affairs along with deans of the faculties, heads of departments, lecturers and students of the University. Worth mentioning, various books were available in different languages; English, Kurdish and Arabic. The book fair will last for 10 days.
The Writer and Novelist Omid Segvan’s Visit to The UoZ
On Tuesday, the 6th of December, 2016 the writer and novelist, Omid Segvan, visited the University of Zakho and was welcomed by the deans of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science, head of the department of Kurdish language and a number of lecturers of the university all talked about some important topics. In his visit, Mr. Omid Segvan talked about his first published novel ( Narkhin Darzi) in which he mentions the Kurdish society and the style of living and also how the Kurds deal with their tradiyions.
Journal of Shopping Center Research (JSCR) Archives
Article Archive Since there are limited print copies of many of the past issues, the archives of the JSCR are electronically available in full text copies. The complete series of articles in PDF format can be accessed by clicking on the titles below.
Atlantis best Bookshop
This shop, described by one reader as ‘a hub for London’s occult world, essential to the practising magus, pagan, shaman and witch’, has been around since 1922. Atlantis Bookshop, 49a Museum St, WC1(020 7405 2120/www.theatlantisbookshop.com) Holborn tube. Open Mon-Sat 10.30am-6pm
The European Book
‘If you can’t make it to Paris to stock up on those lovely Gallimard livres de poche, then this is the next best thing. They don’t just sell French books: all the major European languages are stocked.’ The European Bookshop, 5 Warwick St, W1 (020 7734 5259/www.eurobooks.co.uk) Piccadilly Circus